LeakTank beta

Automatically save Online Content before it gets deleted forever...

Did you ever want to go see a video you saw a few months ago only to realise it is not available anymore?
Don't let that happen again! Automatically save new posts and back up entire user timelines.

Situations where posts, images and videos become unavailable happen often on social media as they can get deleted by their owners, banned by the site or simply not be shared with you anymore. On a website like tumblr, almost a third of posts become unavailable.

LeakTank is here to help you solve this problem by watching the social activity you care about. As soon as a new post you are interested in is found, its content automatically gets saved and stored on your private storage space. That way, you can enjoy all the online content you like, no matter if the owner deleted it, the website banned it or you lost access to it.

How does it work?

You start by creating a tracker for the profile you are interested in. If you wish to back up older posts as well, you can. The profile informations and the published posts will be imported in your private storage. The profile's activity will be monitored and new posts will be added to your space.

You can currently track and back up profiles
from the following sites

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